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25/05/2018 00:40
Play-off Preview

Tension? Stress? Tough Challenge? Now is the hour to man the castle walls Football has its £150 million play-off into the Premier League from the EFL Championship. Rugby League has its £1 million match, where on the result of one fixture, one club drops from the Super League. Eighty minutes become more excruciatingly intense as high stakes creates a tension and desire greater than normally endured. Isn’t this what sport is about? Isn’t this the type of game all players want to show their skills in? They have proven to be the best in their respective leagues, now is the challenge .....


Andrew John @Andyj07
25/05/2018 17:16:17
@MaestegQuinsRFC Best of luck tonight lads ❤️🖤 #Coalblackbloodred https://t.co/R58l9EoI3i
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Nathan Edgar Edwards @NathanEdgar81
25/05/2018 16:53:00
Best of luck tonight men @MaestegQuinsRFC #BringItHome ⚫️🔴
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Robert A Evans @Robertevans02
25/05/2018 16:28:53
M4 gridlocked in Port Talbot, lave plenty of time @MaestegQuinsRFC
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ginny @Ginny38Ha
25/05/2018 15:45:58
@MaestegQuinsRFC good luck tonight boys do your valley proud 👍
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