Upcoming Fixtures
20/06/2021 19:17

WRU CHAMPIONSHIP CUP To their credit, the WRU have organized a competition for the Championship clubs that will give us some excitement to look forward to in the Championship Cup. Split into four groups based on geography. The winners of each group will qualify for a higher tier competition and those below in a ‘plate’. Maesteg Quins are in Group 3 along with mouthwatering fixtures against Tata Steel and Neath. Unfortunately, in its usual wisdom the WRU have not released the finer details of the competition. Maesteg Harlequins really want the fixtures to be played on a home and away basi.....


Maesteg Harlequins ⚫️🔴 @MaestegQuinsRFC
19/06/2021 20:51:29
A yellow card for swearing 🤣🤣🤣 I hope to god he does get appointed to game in the championship up South Parade or @ystalyferarfc 🤣


Maesteg Harlequins ⚫️🔴 @MaestegQuinsRFC
19/06/2021 14:26:16
Change of venue!!! This weeks “Llynfi Valley Cup” fixtures will be held at South Parade. 6:30KO @MaestegRFC v… https://t.co/eeqPOnPPFt


Maesteg Harlequins ⚫️🔴 @MaestegQuinsRFC
18/06/2021 20:04:19
Well played 🤣🙌 https://t.co/8vnPbhmQHO


Maesteg Harlequins ⚫️🔴 @MaestegQuinsRFC
18/06/2021 16:26:25
‘WRU Championship Cup’ qualifying pools have been drawn, we face off against @tatarugby & @NeathRugby in what’s goi… https://t.co/Xtg7u4Lm3O