25 May 2018 / Club News

Play-off Preview

Tension? Stress? Tough Challenge?

Football has its £150 million play-off into the Premier League from the EFL Championship. Rugby League has its £1 million match, where on the result of one fixture, one club drops from the Super League.

Eighty minutes become more excruciatingly intense as high stakes creates a tension and desire greater than normally endured. Isn’t this what sport is about? Isn’t this the type of game all players want to show their skills in? They have proven to be the best in their respective leagues, now is the challenge to go one better High stakes. High drama. High tension.

There are many juxtapositions in such games. Rugby from both the beauty and the beast will be required. Total aggression and discipline needs to be shown. High skills and the basics.

Then there are the non-negotiable, no-contrasting single elements of; bravery, commitment, desire, a will to win. The Quins possess these in abundance.

Felinfoel are a tough proposition. They played extremely well in defeat on Tuesday, not lying down. The King George Playing Fields has not been a happy hunting ground in the past. In fact, the Quins have never won there. Felinfoel ended Quins remarkable 45 matches winning streak. They also made the Quins wait an extra week to lift the Division Two league title.

However, Parc Mawr was another venue where the Quins enjoyed success for the first time this season. This would be the ideal moment to taste victory in the Llanelli suburb.

The Quins have made history this season. It would be fantastic to make their moment even more spectacular with the win they need to enter Welsh rugby’s second tier of club rugby.

The marathon is nearly over, with the vast majority of miles behind them the finishing line is in sight. The Division One title is in the bag, it has been collected. Everything must be put aside for one more win tomorrow, a single success to elevate the club to another level doesn’t lie in the past it comes in eighty minutes tomorrow. Those precious minutes when in the heat of the fight, all you have is the man to your left and the man to your right.

It is easy to play matches where there are mismatches, when the going is easy. Like soldiering in peacetime. True men come from the ore from which they are smelted in the heat, the crucible like pounding of tough competition. Just as the real brave warrior appears when enemy arrows send the midday sun into eclipse: Then is the hour legends man the castle walls.

History? Yesterday’s tries don’t win today’s matches. Go out, finish your race today and man those castle walls.


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